Airwolf - The Movie: First review Airwolf The Movie on Blu-ray Feb 28th 2011
Published 17 Feb 2011, 06:00 Published 16 Jan 2011, 08:25
Read on for our review of the February 28th 2011 DVD/Blu-ray release of "Airwolf The Movie" from Fabulous Films. [Read more...] Fabulous Films on licence from Universal will as worlds first release "Airwolf The Movie" on both Blu-ray and DVD Feb 28th 2011. This movie is the 18 certificated unedited high action original pilot. This movie has been the most wanted Blu-ray from Airwolf fans around the world and it is making its world premiere in the UK. [Read more...]

Season 4 available on DVD
Published 01 Aug 2010, 14:57
Season 4 of Airwolf is finally available on DVD. July 27th 2010 Season 4 of Airwolf was released on DVD (PAL) in France only. [Read more...]

The Airwolf Homepage - Archive Season 4 Press Release from 1987
Published 12 Mar 2010, 11:00 Published 15 Mar 2008, 04:00
Missed out on the history of "The Airwolf Homepage"? Now you can relive the old times with [Read more...] Barry Van Dyke, Geraint Wyn Davies, Anthony Sherwood and Michele Scarabelli to star in 24 new episodes of "AIRWOLF". Hour-long action/adventure series now in production for USA Network. [Read more...]

Airwolf Seasons One, Two & Three on DVD now
Published 31 Oct 2007, 04:19
Jan-Michael Vincent and Ernest Borgnine star in the cult favourite, Airwolf - although some might call "Airwolf" itself the star. The Emmy Award-winning series followed the dangerous missions of the high-tech helicopter, Airwolf, and it´s renegade pilot, Stringfellow Hawke. [Read more...]

Airwolf Visit Airwolf Season 3 on DVD
Published 23 Aug 2007, 14:26 Published 02 Feb 2007, 06:09
In May of 1984 my wife Candy wrote to Tony Barr at CBS. She explained my admiration for “Airwolf” and asked if there was any way possible to spend some time on the set. This would be a surprise gift from her to me for our 18th wedding anniversary. [Read more...] Airwolf Season 3 will be released on DVD Region 1 May 22nd 2007. [Read more...]

New proposed Airwolf movie
Published 10 Oct 2006, 06:51
Hello airwolf fans, my name is Dale. I am from california and I am a writer. I am currently working on the script for the Airwolf movie via Universal. [Read more...]

After A Long Flight Delay, Season 2 Takes Off! Meet the New Lady
Published 19 Sep 2006, 08:25 Published 24 Apr 2006, 12:55
It seems like it´s been much, much longer. But it´s only been a year-and-a-half since Universal announced the first season of Airwolf on DVD. Since that May, 2005 release the studio has been very, very quiet about a follow-up, and most fans were convinced it would never come.
[Read more...]
This is not a hoax, this is not a dream - this is really happening! Twenty years after the end of the series, Airwolf is back. This is the greatest news the Airwolf fandom has ever seen. [Read more...]

Calling all Airwolf fans
Published 08 Feb 2006, 17:32
New Online Petition for Season 2-4 Release on DVD! [Read more...]

Season 1 DVD on Regions 2, 4 & 5 announced Airwolf Season 1 Review
Published 14 Jul 2005, 14:37 Published 25 May 2005, 02:55
Finally, after the May release in Region 1, the series is coming to Regions 2, 4 and 5. [Read more...] Its finally here - the DVD we´ve been awaiting for years! The full set of episodes from the 1st season of Airwolf. So lets go right at it and find out if its up to standards, and if this is indeed a must have for every Airwolf fan. [Read more...]

Airwolf Season One is released on DVD
Published 07 Mar 2005, 08:35
The long awaited season release of Airwolf on DVD is finally official! Universal Studios released Airwolf Season One on DVD (Region 1) as a 2-disc double-sided set Tuesday 24th of May 2005. [Read more...]

Interview with Ernest Borgnine, Star of Airwolf Airwolf Locations
Published 10 Dec 2003, 17:50 Published 10 Dec 2003, 06:00
Recently, Bell Flyer had the unprecedented opportunity to interview one of the most recognizable personalities ever to be associated with helicopters, Ernest Borgnine, star of the 1980s TV hit, Airwolf. Besides a top acting staff, this series featured a highly modified Bell 222 that added to the action by attaining supersonic speeds, delivering countless varieties of ordnance, and always helping to save the day. [Read more...] Here is your guide to the top places to visit if you want to take the "Airwolf tour" in the USA. [Read more...]

David Hemmings dies
Published 04 Dec 2003, 09:13
Actor David Hemmings, star of cult 1960s films Blow-Up and Barbarella, has died aged 62, his agent has said. [Read more...]

Devil’s Claw Dragon’s Blood
Published 08 Dec 2003, 08:11 Published 12 Oct 2003, 10:30
Wolf’s Bane part III [Read more...] Wolf’s Bane part II [Read more...]

A short talk with Airwolfs mechanic
Published 17 Nov 2003, 14:05
Bruce McWhorter was one of the mechanics on Airwolf. He worked on the 222, but has not worked on one since Airwolf. He is currently working for Trans Alaska Helicopters in Anchorage. [Read more...]

Information about the Bell 222 Snail Mail Campaign to Universal
Published 17 Nov 2003, 14:18 Published 04 Nov 2003, 07:15
New (improved Bell 222) Bell 222B in 1982 with a 10% increased engine power for greater useful load. Each of the two Lycoming LTS101-750C-1 engines upgraded from the Avco Lycoming LTS101-650C-3 will have 50-shp. increase. Main rotor will be increased by more than 2 ft., and the tail rotor will be enlarged by about 4 in. Deliveries for customers in august 1982 after flight testing. [Read more...] Join the new snail mail and co-ordinated writing campaign, to be forwarded to Universal Studios, to express and show just how many fans of the "Airwolf" series there are, both in the USA, the UK and all major foreign countries, and just how angry and upset we are regarding the exisiting video and DVD releases on the consumer´s market. [Read more...]

Stunt woman´s suit over Airwolf Part 2
Published 25 Oct 2003, 07:38
First published December 2, 1989, Saturday, Valley Edition. Investigator´s answer causes mistrial in ´Airwolf´ suit. By Amy Louise Kazmin, Times staff writer. [Read more...]

Stunt woman´s suit over Airwolf First Airwolf review on the Internet?
Published 25 Oct 2003, 07:33 Published 02 Oct 2003, 09:45
First published November 28, 1989, Tuesday, Valley Edition. Trial begins in stunt woman´s suit over ´Airwolf´ accident. By Gabe Fuentes, Times staff writer [Read more...] Can this be the first review of Airwolf posted on the Internet? It was posted on the Usetnet group by Jeff Meyer the 5th of February 1984, two weeks after its premiere on CBS. [Read more...]

Published 07 Sep 2003, 15:25
Airwolf story. [Read more...]

Wolf’s Bane Pinioned
Published 07 Sep 2003, 15:20 Published 01 Aug 2003, 06:00
Airwolf story. [Read more...] Missing Scene for "Shadow of the Hawke" (Pt. 1 of tag's Foils Series): How did Stringfellow Hawke and Michael Archangel feel about working together again to grab Airwolf, and what happened after? [Read more...]

Published 01 Aug 2003, 06:00
Epilogue #1 for "Daddy's Gone A Hunt'n" (Pt. 2a of tag's Foils Series): After Hawke returns with Ho Min, Michael Archangel thinks about the events of the mission - and Hawke. [Read more...]

Stringfellow Hawke Dominic Santini
Published 01 Jan 2003, 06:00 Published 01 Jan 2003, 06:00
Born in 1950, Vietnam veteran Stringfellow Hawke is a complex individual who lives with his hound, Tet, in a cabin by a lake high in the mountains. [Read more...] Dominic Santini is the owner and operator of Santini Air, a charter and movie stunt flying business. [Read more...]

Michael Coldsmith-Briggs III
Published 01 Jan 2003, 06:00
Archangel: code name of Michael Coldsmith-Briggs III, head of the Firm. Respectful, adversary and ally. [Read more...]

Gabrielle Ademaur Marella
Published 01 Jan 2003, 06:00 Published 01 Jan 2003, 06:00
Gabrielle was a Firm agent in her late twenties, with dark, billowing hair cut just above her shoulders. [Read more...] Marella is Archangel´s chief aide. Beautiful, skilled and incredible devoted; Marella handles most of the details for Archangel´s missions as well as being his pilot, computer operator, and general girl friday. [Read more...]

Published 01 Jan 2003, 06:00
Tet is Hawke´s Blue Tick hound, always to be found around the cabin. [Read more...]

Le Van Hawke Why Ernest is glued to the ground!
Published 01 Jan 2003, 06:00 Published 16 Sep 2002, 15:30
Le Van Hawke is a twelve-year-old Amerasian boy who is very brave and afraid by nothing. He is able to fight with older men and feels like an adult. [Read more...] Veteran actor Ernest Borgnine, who plays Dominic, is more used to being in shows like westerns but says he slips easily into the high-tech world of Airwolf. [Read more...]

Airwolf viewed by a 80s TV magazine
Published 15 Jul 2002, 23:00
When you saw KITT in Knight Rider you probably thought nothing could get more futuristic and technological. But that was before Airwolf flew into action on our screens. If you've seen the programme you'll know Airwolf is the most incredible machine. And what's more, it's almost too true to life for comfort! [Read more...]

 Technical Information  EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE
About the 1984-model Airwolf About the X-400 from "Eagles"
Published 19 Jun 2002, 14:30 Published 07 Jun 2002, 13:00
Airwolf is the fastest and deadliest Helicopter ever created. A Mach One chopper that can kick ass. Secret, stealthy and lethal... Airwolf flies at speed rivaling the fastest jets. Backed by unmatched firepower, Airwolf is a weapon too dangerous to be left in unenlightened hands. [Read more...] In the episode "Eagles", Airwolf fights against a new warplane for the U.S.A.F., the X-400. This is in fact the proof-of-concept (P.O.C.) demonstrator of the Avtek 400, an advanced business aircraft built by the Avtek Corporation, which ceased operations a few years ago. [Read more...]

 Exclusive Interview
Q&A with Deborah M. Pratt
Published 01 Apr 2002, 14:40
Deborah M. Pratt played Marella on Airwolf; Archangel's chief aide. Beautiful, skilled and incredibly devoted; Marella handles most of the details for Archangel's missions as well as being his pilot, computer operator, and general girl friday. Fiercly protective of Archangel, she only loses her poise when Archangel does something foolish, such as flying with Hawke in Airwolf into a trap, or bucking the system to help Hawke. [Read more...]

 UK TVTimes 1984 Article  Exclusive Interview
Winds of Change for the good-time guy Q&A with Chris Nagle
Published 17 Nov 1984, 06:00 Published 24 Jan 2002, 02:20
Jan-Michael Vincent was happily living the surfer's dream - big waves before breakfast, beer on the beach for lunch, country and Western clubs at night, three months sailing in the Caribbean - when he suddenly realised the good life was fast coming to an end. [Read more...] Chris Nagle was one of the grip-personell crew members on Airwolf. [Read more...]

TV Guide Review
Published 21 Jan 2002, 09:50
This CBS series is named after its central character-a helicopter. Airwolf is an experimental machine that flies at supersonic speeds, fires heat-seeking missiles, foils radar and generally does everything but dice carrots. If you saw the movie "Blue Thunder," you get the idea. [Read more...]

 Behind the scenes  EXCLUSIVE PICTURES
A day on the Airwolf set Back to the womb with a boom
Published 06 Feb 2002, 04:31 Published 07 Feb 2002, 06:40
Of Course, Her Plans for a Christmas Party Didn't Pan Out: Friendly Jean Bruce Scott seems almost out of place around the Airwolf set... [Read more...] In 1987 the Bell 222A ("Airwolf") got repainted, and they removed all special airframe. It was shipped to Germany and put in service there. On the 9th of June 1991 it crashed during a thunderstorm, killing its three passengers. [Read more...]

 Fatal Injury
Fatal helicopter crash
Published 24 Jan 2002, 09:20
On Friday the 18th of January 1985 during filming of the Airwolf-episode 'Natural Born', one of the Bell 205 Huey helicopters seen in that episode crashed - killing famed stuntman Reid Rondell. Reid came from a long line of stuntmen - he was third generation. [Read more...]

 Exclusive Interview  Exclusive Interview
Q&A with Jean Bruce Scott Q&A with Stan McClain
Published 24 Jan 2002, 07:20 Published 24 Jan 2002, 06:20
Jean Bruce Scott is the actor we all know from "Airwolf" - where she played Caitlin O'Shannessey. Jean was on the show for 2 seasons, enough time for an entire nation to come to know and treasure her. Many of you might wonder what has happened with her lately. Here are the answers to that - and many other questions. [Read more...] Stan McClain is the man who shot all the great aerial-scenes in all three seasons of Airwolf, which we love seeing again & again! He was part of the 2nd unit which was responsible for shooting the action sequences. The cameras & lenses where of the type Panaflex ® by Panavision ®.

He shot with a Tyler Major Mount in a Jet Ranger most of the time, but also the "outside mount" that was used on a Hughes 500 (pictured above). The mount allowed him to sit outide the helicopter looking either forward or backward when he shot the chase sequences. Quite often he shot at 12 frames per second (which makes the action twice as fast) for action scenes which needed Airwolf to look as if it was traveling fast. [Read more...]

 Exclusive Interview
Q&A with Alex Cord
Published 24 Jan 2002, 05:20
Alex is of course Archangel who played a big part in most of the Airwolf-series. Who can forget this man with his distinct look, immaculate white suits & black eyepatch? We have been fortunate enough to interview him, and here is the result. [Read more...]

 Exclusive Interview  Chat Transcript
Q&A with Andrew Probert Universal chat with Donald P. Bellisario
Published 24 Jan 2002, 04:20 Published 24 Jan 2002, 03:20
Andrew Probert is mostly known as the guy who designed the Star Trek starship: Enterprise (twice). He still finds himself involved in the Star Trek universe from time to time. But Andrew has worked on many other projects during his 10 years in Hollywood, including the design of Airwolf! He designed the extra airframe on top of the stock Bell 222b, and its weapon system! To mention some of his other work, we should include Streethawk, Battlestar Galactica, Back to the Future, Splashdance, Disney cartoons, ST: TNG, just to name a few... [Read more...] The following is a transcript of the Universal Chat with Donald P. Bellisario: 5/27/97. [Read more...]

At Jetcopters, Good Business Is No Illusion
Published 22 Jan 2002, 04:50
Even though its stock trade is an "Airwolf" world of fantasy, this Southern California firm has applied down-to-earth opportunism and management savvy in building a diverse, successful business in the land of make-believe. [Read more...]

Lost Hawke Aftermath
Published 24 Sep 2001, 13:00 Published 20 Sep 2001, 11:30
This story takes place during the third season of Airwolf. [Read more...] Airwolf story. [Read more...]

The Letter
Published 20 Sep 2001, 04:40
This is the unwritten part of the story in "Fallen Angel" immediately after Michael has seen Maria die -- for the second time. [Read more...]

 1987 Cable Guide  FAN FICTION
Season 4 on USA Rio de Sombre
Published 01 Jan 2001, 04:31 Published 10 May 1999, 10:00
When we last saw Stringfellow Hawke, the main character in the network series Airwolf, he was chasing down criminals in a high-tech helicopter. In return for his services, the government was conducting an extensive search for his brother, a Vietnam MIA. The series' cancellation after two seasons (1984-1986) left Stringfellow in limbo, with his brother still missing. [Read more...] Airwolf story by Sheila Paulson. [Read more...]

Airwolf at Emmy Awards
Published 01 Mar 1995, 06:00
Airwolf at Emmy Awards [Read more...]

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