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Article by Haakon Kjole 37 / Published 17 Nov 2003, 14:18
New (improved Bell 222) Bell 222B in 1982 with a 10% increased engine power for greater useful load. Each of the two Lycoming LTS101-750C-1 engines upgraded from the Avco Lycoming LTS101-650C-3 will have 50-shp. increase. Main rotor will be increased by more than 2 ft., and the tail rotor will be enlarged by about 4 in. Deliveries for customers in august 1982 after flight testing.
It also has improved high-altitude and hot-day performance from the initial version. The seats will be filled with full tanks. Previously, two fewer passengers could be carried when the seat tanks were filled.

Competitive helicopter is the Sikorsky S-76. Bell management has approved production of 100 model 222Bs.

Introduced at Las Vegas HAI exhibition in 1983.
Delivered 167 (222 and 222UT Included)
Certificated August 1982
Crew 1
Passengers 9
Engines 2 Avco Lycoming LTS101-750C-1 (735 shp.)
Max Speed 172
Rotor diameter (Ft) 42.0
Tail Rotor diameter increased more then 4 in
Max Height (Ft) 11.3
Empty weight 4,890
Gross weight 8,250 lb
Still-Air range 345 ml

Bell 222UT:

Introduced in Las Vegas HAI exhibition in 1983.
Delivered 167 (222 and 222B Included)
Certificated April or may 1983
Production number
Crew 1
Passengers 9
Engines 2 Avco Lycoming LTS101-750C-1 (735 shp.)
Max Speed 172 mph
Rotor diameter (Ft) 42.0
Max Height (Ft) 11.3
Max lenght (blades unfolded) 50.0
Empty weight 4,874
Gross Weight 8,250
Still-Air range 415 ml

A simplified utility version of the executive 222 with skid landing gear and additional fuel tankage in the space previously occupied by the retractable landing gear.

Skid Landing gear (retractable wheel landing gear optional for about $ 118.000 US dollar).

The lighter weight of this version along with higher horsepower Lycoming LTS101 engines and the additional fuel package will increase the range of this 222UT by 75mi. compared with the range of 345mi. of the 222B. First deliveries are scheduled in July following FAA certification in April or may.

Bell 222U: Bell was testing in 1993 a prototype of a ducted tail rotor version on a modified Bell 222. Targets are to reduce noise and improve ground safety. Bell had not decided (in 1994) if this technology would be used.

Technical data is the same as from the Bell 222

There are three models possible end of 1985:
Bell 222
Bell 222B Executive
Bell 222 UT (Utility with skid landing gear instead of retractable landing gear).

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