Stringfellow Hawke

Article by Haakon Kjole 37 / Published 01 Jan 2003, 06:00
Born in 1950, Vietnam veteran Stringfellow Hawke is a complex individual who lives with his hound, Tet, in a cabin by a lake high in the mountains.
When Hawke was twelve, he and his parents were in a boating accident on the lake. He was rescued by his brother, but their parents drowned.

His dock is utilized as a helicopter landing pad; he serenades eagles with Prokofiev on his Stradivarius cello; is an avid fisherman; has a first-rate art collection which his grandfather collected for his grandmother -- and yet he remains cold and distant...being the only survivor of anyone he has ever rescued. He works with Dominic Santini, best friend of Hawke´s departed father, who raised Hawke from a young boy, and is now his employer as owner of a helicopter service for hire: "SANTINI AIR".

Hawke also works for Michael Archangel, project director for the CIA, with the condition the government help find his brother, Saint John, who was listed missing-in-action in Vietnam in 1969.

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