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Episode #18, Air Date 27 Oct 1984 (CBS)

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The death of Dominic´s daughter by a drug overdose, leads Dominic to her funeral, on the Caribbean Island of San Remo, his birth place, where he has a difficult confrontation with his ex-wife, Lila. That night, while Hawke and Dominic are on a mission for the F.I.R.M. in the Arctic Circle, Lila is murdered, leaving Dominic as the main suspect and with absolutely no alibi, since his mission in Airwolf must remain top secret. While Dominic languishes in jail, Hawke flies to San Remo to prove his friend´s innocence. There, he crosses paths with an island ´king-pin´, Jason Darius, who is ruining the local economy and many people´s lives, especially with his gambling casino.

Memorable Quote
"You know, I'm gonna take Airwolf and I'm gonna land right on the top of that city hall, and I'm gonna put up a fireworks show that they'll never forget!"

ALEX CORD ................................ as ´Archangel´ (Michael Coldsmith Briggs III)
ERNEST BORGNINE .......................... as Dominic Santini
JAN-MICHAEL VINCENT ...................... as Stringfellow Hawke
JEAN BRUCE SCOTT ......................... as Caitlin O´Shannessy

Guest Stars
BRETT HALSEY ............................. as Jason Darius
DIANE MCBAIN ............................. as Beatrice Maretti
JAMES A. WATSON, JR. ..................... as Police Capt. Babbitt
JASON BERNARD ............................ as Aaron Martin
LOLA ALBRIGHT ............................ as Lylah Santini

Executive Producer

Supervising Producer


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24 Mar 2008, ulfy 34:
one of my favorite episodes of the airwolf serie i love the cutescene when hawke is on the hospital

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13 Jan 2002, Mark J.Cairns 106, Rating 4:
Another domestic episode saved only by Brett Halsey's great performance as Darius and the final "take it down" aerial. INTERESTING TRIVIA: This episode is noteworthy because JMV has broken right arm throughout many of the scenes (look closely how he holds it all the time because he can't wear and sling, and how he opens / closes doors with his LEFT hand. This broken arm was caused by his wife (at the time) closing a patio door in the hotel on the San Remo island where the cast & production crew were staying during primary filming. JMV allegedly came back to the hotel drunk one night at the start of filming and "offered" his wife sexually to a drunken buddy. She then became hysterical and ran half-naked out room's patio and closed the door violently on JMV's arm. His arm is broken throughout this episode and the next one!

13 Jan 2002, Stringfellow Hawke 53, Rating 6:
My favorite episode of the 2nd Season. Probably #4 on my all-time favorite "Airwolf" list, I don't know what it is that attracts me to this one, but it's great to me. Probably the best performance by Ernie Borgnine. Up there with his performance in "One Way Express". This episode here was really the only one that went into Dom's past. Great music by Sylvester Levay.

18 Jan 2002, Lairkeeper 34, Rating 4:
I think this episode was marginal. The acting was executed well all around, but Ernie stands out on top. Dom actually weeps in this one!

24 Jan 2002, buff-no1 41, Rating 1:
This one, (for want of a better word) sucks. It boring and too drawn out.

25 Jan 2002, Mike Rivers 32, Rating 6:
Although it focuses on Dominics past, String is definitely the character who gets most screen time. It is one of the first episodes to feature Hawke as an Indiana Jones, James Bond type hero, spending less time as an ensemble piece. The Dark tone underlying Strings mission is ever present from the glimpses of Santini in prison. An episode which shows a very different side to Dom.

13 Mar 2002, gmac9988 34, Rating 5:
For some reason I really like this one. I always thought the idea of normal criminals and gangsters coming up against the power of Airwolf was alot better than a group of soldiers and spies. Dom's past is shown and String saves the day with one arm!

29 Jun 2002, davidlim 44, Rating 2:
I didn't like this one at all... stupid plot.

04 Aug 2002, VS 32, Rating 2:
When they did the Airwolf re-run a few years ago this was the first episode I came across that I didn't like. The episode lacks the intrigue of the earlier episodes and the poorly done casino destruction didn't improve things.

20 Nov 2002, gmac2300 34, Rating 5:
I agree with the other reviwer who said it was much more fun wehn Airwolf confronted domestic criminals or gangsters, as it was there reactions to being overwhelmed by its power that made it more interesting. Personally, I thought this episode was one of the best "domestic" ones, aside form the model casino destruction of the building on Catalina Island.

16 Apr 2003, antilles 41, Rating 5:
This is a great episode! We get to see a darker side to Dom for once, rather than his usual cheerful personality. It adds some more depth to his character. I think this is one of Borgnine's best performance in the show. The final aerial is very cool. The destruction of the casino looks amazing.

07 Aug 2003, Willow 31, Rating 6:
I loved this episode! And I admire JMV for working with a broken arm, you don´t see a lot of actors doing that, without a sling (although I suspect him from still having a broken arm in "Fallen Angel", the stunt that went wrong was a little convieniend LOL).
And the stunt double was clearly used a lot, but still its a great episode!

05 Nov 2003, rachel1 39, Rating 4:
For a long time I never knew that JMV had broken his arm during shooting this one so I just assumed he was having an off day at the office. The story just never clicks with me - would Hawke really not known about Dom´s daughter? Nice to see a bonding scene in the jail between Dom and Caitlin (although the development of her being easily moved to tears is not welcome) and him finally accept her ´isn´t about time you started calling me Dom?´. Otherwise with Hawke being on his own on the island for the rest of the time and not having one of his sidekicks to play off means that it plods for me. Not the worst but not a favourite.

02 Aug 2004, methos330 42, Rating 5:
Above average episode. Great back story for Dominic; although Ernest doesn´t outshine himself from ´One Way Express´. Fun drinking game episode though (drink a shot every time JMV uses his nondominant hand, or his clearly hanging-limp right arm is seen). Loved Jason Bernard. Great scene with Archangel. Fun to root for the casino´s destruction (just wish they showed more of it.) Obvious use of miniatures during payoff/ casino destruction. Nice location shooting. Don´t you think Hawke should have waited a bit longer after his warning to let the people exit the casino before he begins blasting away with the chain guns?

14 Jan 2006, Getz516 34, Rating 3:
Um, the only thing I can say is: Why does Dom ride in the co-pilot seat when they are going to the island for the funeral?

04 Jun 2007, rarebutafact 54, Rating 3:
The casino blowed up real good.
Props to Ernest Borgnine´s acting.

13 Jan 2002, Louis Theb 30:
When Hawke goes to Lylah's bungalow at night and disturbs an intruder, a fight breaks out ... Jan-Michaels stunt double nearly breaks his leg on a loose rug trying to get out the front door.

13 Jan 2002, Louis Theb 30:
JMV broke his arm in a drunken row with his wife during 'Sins Of The Past' as can be seen by his droopy arm and opening doors with his LEFT hand!

12 Feb 2002, Louis Theb 30:
At the end of the episode, when Airwolf is hovering in front of the casino, a man is asking Darius (talking about Hawke) : "What the hell is he talking about?!". A few seconds later, Hawke starts to fire on the casino and there is a big rush. Look at the man who was talking to Darius and to his wife (the woman who wears a blue dress) : we see him running in front of the bay window with her, crossing a cook. The following sequence shows us the exact same scene (if you look closely the man hasn't passed the bay window yet) from a different angle...

24 Aug 2002, Jayson Firestorm 36:
As Airwolf takes off from the Lair, there is a shot of Dominic in his usual place in the rear of the chopper, yet just a couple of shots later, as the Lady is still rising from the Lair, he is seen seated next to Hawke (where he remains for the rest of the flight). The first shot seems to be taken from slightly later in the story, when they go on the secret mission for the Firm. [courtesy of Airwolf editor @ TVTome.com]

24 Aug 2002, Jayson Firestorm 36:
When Dom's ex-wife Lila drops the locket that he has gone to collect, in the close-up of it falling to the ground, the chain lands in a different position to than in the next shot, as Dom bends over to pick it up. (Also, in the close up, the carpet seems to be a different shade, but this is probably just due to the different lighting on the shot) [courtesy of Airwolf editor @ TVTome.com]

24 Aug 2002, Jayson Firestorm 36:
As already mentioned, Jan-Michael Vincent had a broken are during much of this episode's filming. Watch when Hawke goes to leave Archangel's office ¿ he opens the left-hand double-door, but he doesn't (appear to) touch the right-side one ¿ it opens itself (presumably it was opened by some other means, to try and cover the fact that he couldn't use his right arm). [courtesy of Airwolf editor @ TVTome.com]

24 Aug 2002, Jayson Firestorm 36:
After Vince takes a swing at Hawke and falls off the bar chair, watch Hawke's arm as he reaches down to pull him up ¿ it's actually a "double"s arm, due to JMV having a broken arm, and isn't wearing the bracelet that Hawke is wearing! [courtesy of Airwolf editor @ TVTome.com]

30 Sep 2002, davyejones182 36:
not really a blooper, more of a production note - the 'island of san remo' is actually catalina island off the coast of los angeles. the 'casino' building on the right side of the bay still stands to this day.

19 Mar 2008, eeyore2ok 41:
In the scene where Hawke is in Airwolf, firing at the casino to finish it all off, Airwolf is very close to the casino, then a shot shows a missile coming from some considerable distance away with no sign of Airwolf. Another shot shows Airwolf just in front of the casino, then again we get another shot showing a missile coming from a great distance (no sign of Airwolf again)

25 Aug 2008, nutaboutjc 34:
when the island cop asks Hawke to put his hands on the wall you can see him put his left arm on the wall and the right arm dropping..and when the cop touchews him you can see JMV flinch!!

12 Dec 2008, Shep2112 39:
At 5 mins in, when Dom talks about if Archangel ever finds out that String is sticking his neck out for Dom, all hell will break loose. After the aerial shot, there´s a face shot of string. In the next shot, he´s moving the cyclic (stick) control, and there´s no one in the passenger seat!

12 Dec 2008, Shep2112 39:
Following that shot, during the landing, after the nose gear is lowered, it appears to be a shot from Proof Through The Night, I believe? Totally different environment and surroundings, mountains, woods, etc.

12 Dec 2008, Shep2112 39:
At 21 minutes (DVD), when String is flying to San Remo Island, there´s a white JetRanger skid in the bottom left corner as he flies over the harbor.

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