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Episode #44, Air Date 30 Nov 1985 (CBS)

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Three Vietnam veterans that served with Hawke have been the recipients of a revenge kidnapping of their families. Archangel warns Hawke that he may be next on their list, and soon Doniinic and Caitlin are captured and taken to the terrorists secret compound in the mountains. Archangel arranges a meeting between all four veterans in an attempt to find out who is behind the kidnappings and why,but a friend of Hawke's finally provides the answer: during vietnam a friendly Vietnamese village was accidentally attacked by Hawke's helicopter squadron, leaving only three survivors - those now implementing their revenge.

Memorable Quote
"I sure wish you could introduce the Lady to these folks, String!"

ALEX CORD ................................ as ´Archangel´ (Michael Coldsmith Briggs III)
ERNEST BORGNINE .......................... as Dominic Santini
JAN-MICHAEL VINCENT ...................... as Stringfellow Hawke
JEAN BRUCE SCOTT ......................... as Caitlin O´Shannessy

Guest Stars
BRANSCOMBE RICHMOND ...................... as Jimmy Oshiro
GEORGE KEE CHEUNG ........................ as Dao Van Lat
IRENE TSU ................................ as Carol Oshiro
JOE LA DUE ............................... as Art
KIM MIYORI ............................... as Lia Van Luong
ROBERT ITO ............................... as Tranh Van Hieu

Executive Producer

Supervising Producer


Produced By

Written By

Directed By

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13 Jan 2002, Mark J.Cairns 106, Rating 5:
Another one of the better scripts of the 3rd season, here harking back the 'HX1'-esque 'Nam routes. This is another installment for the "oriental brigade" on Universal's books (the other being 'The American Dream'). I always personally hated why US shows in the 1980s (e.g. 'Street Hawk', and 'The A-Team') always felt the need to have a Chinatown-type episode all on its own when most of the oriental actors would have been more than capable of holding up a character role on their own in other episodes. A great angry, revenge-filled performance by ex-QUINCY star, Robert Ito (he was Quincy's side-kick "Sam" back at the lab) as 'Tranh Van Hieh' in a role he obviously enjoyed doing due to the emotional range. This ep also contains one of the most awesome pieces of motion photography whereby the cameraman captures the looming Hueys rounding a corner in a wing-mirror of the van Dom is escaping in. I always loved that shot!

13 Jan 2002, Stringfellow Hawke 53, Rating 5:
Very well put Mark. I think the script WAS the best of the 3rd Season. Robert Specht's script was different and imaginative. It had never been done before on ANY T.V. show. Very fast-paced, and Sly Levay's music keep's everything at 200 m.p.h. This 'oriental' overtoned episode was better than "The American Dream". Kag212

28 Nov 2002, gmac2300 34, Rating 6:
One of the best ever!! Plus you know when a guy is trying to kill a group of kids and sneers "Just like 'Nam.", he ain't gonna get very far in his Airwolf lifespan.

01 Aug 2003, antilles 41, Rating 5:
I think this is one of the best episodes from Season 3. Good story and one of the best aerials of the 3rd Season. What a great action sequence! Great acting aswell, especially by Robert Ito.

04 Nov 2003, rachel1 39, Rating 5:
Liked this episode a lot. Great to see Archangel back in Airwolf and Hawke having to work closely with him to find his missing ´family´. Interesting theme of vengence. All the characters get a good outing.

26 Mar 2004, AirJ24C 36, Rating 6:
Excellent episode!

14 Aug 2004, Godzilla 31, Rating 6:
Just as everyone has mentioned, this is one of the more better episodes from the third season.In my opinion its second to ´Airwolf II.´ But one thing that I don´t understand is when Hawk and Archangel fly together, it never really shows when and where Hawke picks up Archangel.In ´Bite of the Jackal,´ when Hawke tells Archangel to fly with him we see Hawke going to the lair to get the Lady then getting Archangel as a way to keep Archangel of knowing where Hawk hides Airwolf. But this time it gives you the impression that he went with Hawk to get Airwolf.

13 Jan 2002, Louis Theb 30:
Watch for the little girl in the middle of the final gathering ("to all our families") looking DIRECTLY at the cameramen working behind the camera.

13 Jan 2002, Louis Theb 30:
As Hawke is about to blow up the second Huey Helicopter (no dialogue), he lowers the visor on his helmet, and we see the cannons aim to the right. But when they are fired it is out the left. As usual the destroyed helicopter looked just like a Hughes 500 after the explosion. Too bad they didn't have some footage of other helo types blowing up.

05 Feb 2002, Lairkeeper 34:
Just like in "Annie Oakley", when the second Huey fires a missile at the van, you can see the incendiary device bouncing away from the van as it flips over.

05 Feb 2002, Martin G. Grant 25:
A camera stand or a mount [only a quarter of this is seen] is briefly seen [if viewed from a PC TV] when the Huey chases the van and the shot where the van hides under some trees follows.

05 Feb 2002, Martin G. Grant 25:
The shadow of a filming Jet Ranger [which is supposed to be an armed pursueing Huey] is shown over the shot where Dominic drives the van under some trees.

20 Feb 2002, Lairkeeper 34:
It's not JMV that's helping Archangel get Dom out of the van, it's JMVs double. Notice that as they get out of Airwolf and run towards the van, they show a full body shot of Archangel and a neck-down shot of Hawke. Then as they help Dom out of the van and into Airwolf, the double avoids looking into the camera.

12 Jun 2002, bigmetalchopper 44:
just after the cowboy ranch when hawke goes to hit the turbo's he presses the rocket button and NOT the turbo !

12 Jun 2002, bigmetalchopper 44:
also when dom is caught trying to do a runner they beat him in the open yard and you can see it aint dom

21 Mar 2004, magnum-p.i. 34:
The Hughes 500 Explosion had been used very often. First time in "Inn at the end of the road".

18 Aug 2007, matththomas 21:
You can see, once the Huey blows Dom´s van over, the van starts to turn over before the missile impacts.

27 Oct 2008, Stringbean Hawk 55:
Archangel seems to be using Airwolf´s functions while sat beside String; the functions that Dom or Cait would perform while sat behind Hawke! For instance, using the scanners to find Dom and Cait.

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-Looks like a can of sardines to me.
-Well it's one can of sardines we don't want opened... - Inn At the End of the Road