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Episode #61, Air Date 20 Feb 1987 (USA)

User Rating 3.2 of 6 (5 votes)
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The Airwolf crew becomes involved with tailing a Russian agent who is scaling a piece of computer hardware - a computer board belonging in a top-secret satellite - and Locke is determined to rccover the U.S. government property. When the chips are passed between two KGB agents, Saint John and the others try to catch them, but lose the one agent with the chip. The second agent is caught, but is killed before he can talk. Now the Airwolf crew only have hours to recover the board.

ANTHONY SHERWOOD ......................... as Jason Locke
BARRY VAN DYKE ........................... as Saint John Hawke
GERAINT WYN DAVIES ....................... as Major Mike Rivers
MICHELE SCARABELLI ....................... as Jo Santini

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13 Jan 2002, Stringfellow Hawke 53, Rating 3:
Stupid script that finds Airwolf hovering by a condo window for most of the episode, which is un-realistic. Stupid storyline that should've been part of the "Blue Thunder" T.V. series, or a plot line for a sequel to the original film "Blue Thunder". Dan Milner & Rick Patterson's terrific music, make this one somewhat watchable. Forgettable. Kag212

16 Jan 2002, Louis Theb 30, Rating 3:
They did a pretty good job with the fake Airwolf hovering in front of the building, even if that whole thing (as well as the cockpit turning red when St John is asking for the infra-red mode) is a bit unrealistic. The intrigue and the spying game are quite interesting and you really want to know how the episode will end. Too bad, you'll certainly be disappointed.

07 Feb 2002, Martin G. Grant 25, Rating 4:
''Windows'' ┐ 2nd of the 1st Season's ''Foreign Espionage'' episodes. The Airwolf Team are assigned to recover a stolen communications board that┐s vital for an important space shuttle launch. Jo poses as the janitor of the apartments building that the foreign spy is keeping the board, with Mike flying Airwolf under Whisper Mode just outside the spy┐s apartment, and Jason and Sinjin racing against time to find a lead that will get them back the board in a conventional matter. Unfortunate for the Airwolf team, their lead is shot by a hit n┐ run car, and Jo is kidnapped by the deceiving spy. This episode is truly non-quiet all the way, Rick Patterson and Dan Miller's quality music runs for almost 45 minutes! (That┐s got to be a world record for a TV-Show!) Cast performances are moderate, and theirs' hardly any special effects in this episode, compared to the action-packed ones previously and to come. Some of the camera views during the plain finale must of inspired modern-day James Bond game developers for the 1st person view of a silencer. The Lady has bags full of screen time, with some new model footage which is quite impressive, and it reminds me of the 'Blue Thunder' movie with the copter hovering outside a room, under whisper mode, listening to someone's conversation. A worthy spy storyline, but lacking of powerful acting, if this was mended, I would comment on this episode more positively, but sadly, am not.

23 Mar 2002, Mike Rivers 32, Rating 5:
An excellent episode. This highlights the experimental nature of some "AirwolfII" episodes, e.g. the courtroom based "Code of Silence" . "Windows" is interesting because it happens almost in real time, the effects are great. a very urgent episode.

16 Oct 2002, peacpea8nh 30, Rating 1:
I was depressed before I saw this episode, afterwards I can't tell you how awful I felt. After watching this I switched over to Blue thunder which made me feel a whole lot better. No I'm not a traitor, but come on I recommend that those who want to wean themselves off of the series should subject themselves to an hour of this stuff regulaly.

22 Jan 2002, Louis Theb 30:
The crew is hovering in front of the building with Airwolf. When they put the infra-red camera on, the cockpit lights become red!

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