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Episode #80, Air Date 07 Aug 1987 (USA)

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Hawke is supposed to be working on a drug bust, but instead gets involved with helping an old friend, the owner of Paradise Charters, a nearly-bankrupt aircraft charter service. The friend´s wife requests assistance from Hawke, but when the two arrive back at the Charter office, they find Scotty dead from gunshot wounds. And it is obvious who is behind the killing: a thug owner named Patterson who owns the lumber rights to the island - and plans to strip the beautiful acreage bare - but he needs Scotty´s property as docksite, in the only area suitable.

ANTHONY SHERWOOD ......................... as Jason Locke
BARRY VAN DYKE ........................... as Saint John Hawke
GERAINT WYN DAVIES ....................... as Major Mike Rivers
MICHELE SCARABELLI ....................... as Jo Santini

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13 Jan 2002, Mark J.Cairns 106, Rating 4:
Not a bad episode for a dreaded 4th Season episode, and they obviously blew the budget for the last episode, with the "exotic" lake-side location and accompanying cabin. A throw-back to Hawke's cabin? Certainly watchable, even those many of us still pine for the CBS series over this one. 'Birds of Paradise' finished the show off better.

13 Jan 2002, Stringfellow Hawke 53, Rating 5:
Very good. Officially this was the 'last episode'. Although I agree with Mark, "Birds of Paradise" finished the show off better. But this is definately the best episode of the 4th Season, and a personal favorite of the entire series. This is a very laid back, and fun episode. A MUST SEE! Kag212

11 Mar 2002, Mike Rivers 32, Rating 4:
Although it has no finality to it Welcome to Paradise is still an appropriate way to end the series. It leaves the Airwolf II crew alive and well, and Airwolf safe. While many dislike the way this Season was handled it still has likable characters, and does the best it can. It also leaves the possibility that String or Archangel could return one day. (It tells in the Blackjack script that String lives.)

11 Jul 2002, Louis Theb 30, Rating 5:
A very good season 4 episode, the only problem is that I'd have liked something special for the series finale. Anyway, they did do a lot of efforts for this episode with : again some new musics, a superb location (a lake similar to the one near String's cabin), a cool helicopter and quite a few planes. Also notice that in order to be able to film in the front of the Santini Air hangar, they did use a different hangar and put the Santini Air logo on it. They by the way wrote Santini Air everywhere, even on the suits. Otherwise the plot is quite interesting, with also something which is not common in action TV series : the enemy who gives up at the end. Too bad that the girl decides to commit suicide, I mean it's really stupid, and if she really wanted to die she could have done it while the bad guy was threatening her with the gun. Also this one could have tried to do something but not letting her crashing the plane while just saying "don't do that!". Oh and by the way, what a coincidence that both Hawke and Locke were on the same case. But that's being really pernickety, as there are loads of things like that in most of the "Airwolf" episodes (even in the earlier seasons) as well as in all series. INTERESTING TRIVIA #1 - the bad guy (Patterson) in this episode is played by William Smith, who also plays the bad guy in episode 'The Girl Who Fell from the Sky'. INTERESTING TRIVIA #2 - the Police plane has got the number N 244C, which is very close to the number of the Santini Air helicopter (N 2044C).

20 Sep 2002, air211 31, Rating 5:
I agree that this was a nice way to finish off the series. The scenery is great as well as the plot. Also in my opinion William Smith did a better job as the villain here than he did in the previous season's 'The Girl Who Fell from the Sky'.

30 Mar 2004, Michael Sm 39, Rating 1:
Last terrible episode of a terrible season that should not have been made

22 Dec 2008, Lairkeeper 34:
Before the final sequence, Jason pulls up the JetRanger on Airwolf´s computer as he approaches the charter office. But Airwolf identifies it as a Huey.

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