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Episode #57, Air Date 23 Jan 1987 (USA)

User Rating 1.9 of 6 (42 votes)
Bloopers found 15

String is testing a revolutionary new helicopter control device with a new pilot for Santini Air, Dom's niece. After landing they leave the chopper, and a man places a tape addressed to String in the 'copter. After finding it, he takes it to the Firm, but finds Archangel gone (being reassigned somewhere in the Far East) and a new agent handling his file, Jason Locke. They listen to the tape, but Iocke says it proves nothing and refuses to help. Back in South-East Asia, Saint John Hawke is still living and is held prisoner by a mercenary. Hawke really was the one who sent the tape - smuggled by an accomplace - but realizing that his brother needs more proof, he sends his ring back. At Santini Air String arrives as Dom is starting up his helicopter, and it suddenly explodes killing Hawke's best friend, and putting String in the hospital in a near-coma. Meanwhile, Locke has contacted the highly-capable Major Michael Rivers with a special assignment: to find Airwolf, now that its pilots are dead or disabled...

ANTHONY SHERWOOD ......................... as Jason Locke
BARRY VAN DYKE ........................... as Saint John Hawke
GERAINT WYN DAVIES ....................... as Major Mike Rivers
MICHELE SCARABELLI ....................... as Jo Santini

15 Dec 2003, Haakon Kjole 37:
They didn┤t have the Airwolf helicopter during the 4th "Airwolf II" season. They only used stock footage from the earlier episodes and used the Airwolf mock-up.

19 Oct 2008, ABCDEFGHIJ 38:
This is the first Episode from Season 4, but was filming as 6th Episode

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13 Jan 2002, Louis Theb 30, Rating 3:
What can I say? They couldn't get either the original cast, either the flying Airwolf. However, I think that having Jan Michael Vincent as a special guest star for this episode, they could have make something better. Furthermore, I don't really like the way St John comes back (and where he comes back from) and I think that the final combat scene (without mentionning that they all know how to pilot Airwolf) is badly edited. And of course, it still "hurts" seing Dom coming back to the womb...with a boom. Finally, I really wonder why they didn't mention Caitlin. That episode is good to watch only if you want to understand what happens later in the fourth season.

13 Jan 2002, Stringfellow Hawke 53, Rating 5:
Many don't like this one, but I do. I feel the script was terrific by Michael Mercer & Jana Veverka. I feel they handled writing off the cast from the first three seasons well, with the kind of constraints they were under. Superb acting from Barry Van Dyke (as always!) & Michele Scarabelli. Geraint & Anthony weren't given much screen time. Although the Airwolf stock footage was edited well, the compute graphics suck! Nothing like the first three seasons. Kag212

15 Jan 2002, ranger1100 45, Rating 4:
This was an episode that really needed more than the time allotted to it, to tell the story well. Character and plot development are the areas it suffered in... I did like the basic premise... Hawke's search for his brother, had run its course... it was time to bring St. John home, dead or alive, and commence a new 'underlying driving force' for the series to continue under. Anyone that didn't at least mist up a bit, when String and St. John were reunited, I would have to say, missed the first three seasons entirely, because THIS is the ending that we all were kind of hoping for... to see String's personal hell resolved, once and for all. I give quarter on the issues of production quality... given the lack of money, and time to develop and research where the story had been, so they could tell where to take it next without blowing continuity out of the water. There were some improvements and creative uses of the stock footage... and considering they filmed this episode as they did others... on a shoestring budget... I have to hand it to them... they did a heck of a job considering they started out with minimal funds to back the project. If you're a three season wonder that hasn't give the fourth season a chance... I say it's high time to do so... but do so with a bit of a forgiving heart... it takes money to make episodes... and time to put them together exactly right... and the production team had NEITHER of those factors in their favor when the fourth season episodes were filmed. So damn the tightwads for not forking over the bucks to do it right... but give the folks a break... they did pretty decent with what they had. Paul

24 Jan 2002, Mike Rivers 32, Rating 5:
The best season 4 episode.

24 Jan 2002, Homer Jenkins 41, Rating 1:
ARRRRGH! after being held all this time, Sinjin was fed well well wasn't he? I thought, as Harlan Jenkins himself said "Only two pilots can fly airwolf" meaning you had to be top quality to fly it, yet, all of 'em can is this season! That was the only episode of that season that I watched (I refuse to watch the rest out of principle). Considering the bugetary constraints, why did they even bother? No respect for String, Dom, Caitlin? where was she? It also seems that the firm forgot to pay rent on their premises, as they seemed to have moved to a few office apartments to cut costs.

06 Feb 2002, Martin G. Grant 25, Rating 5:
''Blackjack'' ┐ A great start to a new era of the Airwolf story, as Atlantis Productions take over MCA/Universal (now Vivendi Universal) and the USA Cable Network over the show┐s original popular main channel network CBS. Unfortunetely, we don┐t get the chance to view any newly-filmed aerial footage of the Airwolf Bell ┐┐Triple-Deuce┐┐ helicopter, the original cast and crew, and also the high production budgets that made the majority of the previous 56 hi-tech airborne adventures so expensive. But, in this case, money isn┐t everything, as the new writers of Airwolf┐s 4th Season decided to bring back the top-notch, uplifting and provoking ┐┐spy and foreign espionage┐┐ storylines that made the 1st Season so dark-edged. Also, the episode sees the discovery of Stringfellow┐s long-lost brother Sinjin Hawke, but it┐s a bit unrealistic as of how String and The F.I.R.M. didn┐t find Sinjin within 2 years, but Mike Rivers, Jo Santini, Jason Locke and ┐┐The Company┐┐ (originally The FIRM) find the lovable hero in less than 45 minutes. The special effects in this episode are very impressive, as is the chosen locations for filming, but this is let down by Canada┐s winter weather as the 4th Season was filmed in that part of the USA in late ┐86, not that long after the original series┐ official cancellation by CBS on the 26th March of the same year. Writer┐s Michael Mercer & Jana Veverka develop the new regular┐s characters superbly, and the search for Sinjin is a ┐┐page-turner┐┐. There are a few stock footage bloopers which are very forgettable seeing as the new season┐s budget was quite low, but overall, this episode has to be one of the positives of the 4th Season, due to the entertaining script, the new cast/crew, and finally, the excellent 80┐s rock n┐ dark atmospheric music, especially the new rendition of the main theme, but sadly, the so-called ┐┐Descending Bridge Sub Theme┐┐ which was heard in the original series is mysteriously not re-composed. The death of Dominic Santini is acceptable as none of the original cast wanted to travel to Canada to film the new 4th series, so a man who looks very much like Ernest Borgnine is brought in, but we only see the backside of him. Stringfellow┐s disappearance was never explained after the emotional scene between him and Sinjin, but in the end, Atlantis Productions produced a 1st class episode of a new kind of production style, great script, great cast, great characters, a cool start!

05 Mar 2002, jno 40, Rating 4:
The biggest disappointments of this episode are that it is (a) just 40 minutes in length and (b) we never find out what actually happens to String. The script is great (except for the Caitlin factor) but poor old Jan Michael Vincent is somehow not the same String as he was in the previous shows, he seems almost uninterested in his part and is definately "going through the motions". The scene where him and St John are reunited is far too short and probes the question "is Stringfellow Hawke alive or dead" - we can only hope that it's not the latter. This show should have been a two parter.

11 Mar 2002, StringfellowH 55, Rating 1:
The most worst episode ever (not taking the other 4th season episodes into account) Caitlin was mysteriously gone, Dominic died all of a sudden and String as well. it clearly was visable that the characters had to be kicked out and fast. Not to mention that Archangel also was gone all of a sudden. It is strange that it all happend in 1 episode and not 4 because thats the amount you can write on it. What happend to String is also a mystery, if he would've died his brother would surely visit his grave once. This episode was made to quickly and was worked out to flat. The story behind it could've been great, maybe even better than the Pilot episode since this was the scene all Airwolf fans were waiting for. Its a shame it had to be ended like this that quick

11 Mar 2002, DaveGilmour 31, Rating 1:
This wasn't the first season four episode I saw so I was glad when i finally got to see it that at least Jan Michael Vincent was in it, but as for the rest, oh dear oh dear, stock footage, everyone and their grandmother's flying Airwolf, blowing up someone that looked a bit like Dom and no Caitlin, and another thing I thought Saint John was older than String, Barry Van Dyke looks way too young to be Jan Michael Vincent's older brother! They could of done so much better

25 Mar 2002, iqbalch 35, Rating 1:
What crap! They should have got the chopper at least

04 May 2002, randy2 60, Rating 3:
Fair. But the best they could do.

07 May 2002, SUZIE 31, Rating 1:
they should never of killed stringfellow hawk because he made airwolf worth whating and now it ia not worth whating. what they should have done was put both brother working together with Airwolf

28 Jun 2002, Le Wolf man 43, Rating 2:
It did make it seem no special training was required to fly Airwolf.

29 Jun 2002, davidlim 44, Rating 2:
Barry van dyke is a joke. And where's Caitlin? This episode sucks, this show sucks, and all you [censored]

04 Jul 2002, austin531 28, Rating 1:
First of all why did you change the original actor of St.John to Barry Van Dyke,and why did you completly change the whole cast.You could of at least kept Catlin or Dom,and the only episode that is not boring is Rouge Warrior.Barry Van Dyke sucks as h*ll as St.John,even though Dom was in this episode it wasn`t even played by Ernest Borgnine,when the h*ll did they put all of the computer stuff inside the Airwolf cave? And the whole f*ckin 4th season sucks c*ck! The first 3 seasons of Airwolf kick the 4th season`s fat ass into the Grand Canyon.

04 Aug 2002, VS 32, Rating 1:
This was cheap and awful episode. They filled it with far too much and is full of plot holes and the concept of continuity seems alien to the production team. JMV doesn't looks ill and worn out... is this the same actor who used to be able to hold a scene with the likes of John Wayne and Robert Mitchum?!?! And as for that really cheap ploy of getting a extra to be Dominic... purleeeez!!!!!!

08 Aug 2002, martinnutkins 45, Rating 1:
An absolute abomination of an episode so full of holes that it could pass as a chain link fence. Where's Caitlin? Not at Dom's Funeral? Why have we never heard of Jo before? How does Airwolf fly such a tremendous distance to rescue St.John while carrying a full compliment of weapons? Stock footage means in the final battle Airwolf chases several different helicopters all pretending to be the same one. How injured was String? In the hospital room we hear the sound of life support equipment, yet when we see String close up, he's not connected to anything. My personal favourite is Mike, when looking for the lair drives down a Canadian type road passing through dense forestry, it being a short drive from there to the lair. Trees? In the Valley Of The Gods? Add this to poor script, terrible production values and wooden performances and no new footage and you almost have a zero rating. Only redeeming point I can see is locating the lair by satellite photo's looking for the grooves caused by Airwolf's prop' wash. Pretty slick.

13 Aug 2002, wolf 2 29, Rating 3:
I did not like the forth season because they change airwolf all around so the only episode of the fourth season is blackjack

26 Aug 2002, PenInHand7 62, Rating 1:
First off, my rating is a 0, but that option not given. I, too, like the others hated this episode!! Where do I start?? 1) Introduction of a new character that was never mentioned before and no Caitlin. 2)Killing off Dom. 4)Lousy special effects and acting. 5)The reunion we all waited for lasted 1 minute. And 6 and the worst) Not knowing if String was alive or dead. He could have at least been mentioned in a few episode. Why kill him off or not show what happened to him?? I'm an amateur writer and I wrote a story and script that would have lead to St. John's (proper spelling) rescue. Not to brag, but mine was a whole lot better than what the professionals ended up with. I don't think any of the stars from the original series were even given a chance to join the new series. If the budget for the special effects was low, so was the budget for salaries.

19 Sep 2002, air211 31, Rating 5:
Although this episode could very well be considered a joke along with the rest of the season as compared to the previous three seasons, I still find the fourth season kind of fun to watch. I'm not really sure why -- maybe it's because that was the only thing available to follow season 3, maybe it's the unrealistic and almost cartoony way the scripts were written that you couldn't help but wait and see what they had to dish out to you this time, or maybe it's just an easy excuse to sum up the first three seasons. After all, St. John is rescued and, combined with three new characters, takes up to continue the Airwolf flying legacy. Clearly, this season should not have been produced; just like the fifth season of The A-Team where it felt like you were watching a whole different show. The cast was there, but the plot was different from the first four seasons. It was difficult to watch the A-Team no longer being hired by those in need; they now work for Gen. Stockwell and are sent on missions that he considers important. The military no longer chasing our guys. Yep, apart from the exciting three-part season opener where the A-Team is court-martialed and details concerning Nam and the death of Col. Morrison are examind in greater detail, the rest of the season sucked. This season of Airwolf is the same way. The first time I watched this season I was just interested in seeing what comes next concerning any loose ends that need to be tied up and just because I liked Airwolf, so I felt obligated to at least watch this season once. I prefer the first three seasons, but for some light-hearted action and adventure as well as quick last-minute slop of a script I can enjoy this season with worrying too much about the script. This episode in particular does a very quick summing up of almost everything -- something that should have at least taken a 2-hr. episode to sum up. Everyone from the first three seasons somehow conveniently disappeared. It's still, however, a fun way to see the continuation of a story. The ending was very touching -- String and St. John finally reunited. Barry Van Dyke was kind of wooden compared to JMV who was all choked up in tears when finally seeing his brother. One would think St. John would be just as emotional as String about finally seeing his brother. Pretty cool this episode all in all (if you don't think to hard about it).

04 Oct 2002, Benji007 33, Rating 1:
This episode was not good. The story was wrong. The plot was very bad.

09 Nov 2002, SQUADRON LEADER 108, Rating 1:
This pilot episode was riddled with inconsistencies too numerous to mention. Okay, the people behind this didn't have the necessary funds or originalo cast so they created a cheap imitation. The cast in this series are all very good actors who have excelled in other work they have done but this episode was insulting to fans. People have probably already covered most things but here is what I hated about season 4. Firstly, Archangel had left being reassigned somewhere else. For seasons 1-3, Archangel and Hawke had a deep mutual respect. It was hard to believe Archangel would just leave without telling Hawke. Secondly, I found it insulting the way Major Mike Rivers found Airwolf with such ease considering in the first three seasons, no-one (not the FIRM or the bad guys) could locate it. I hated the way String disappeared at the end (did he die or did he retire to his cabin). There are numerous other inconsistencies which have already been mentioned. The thing I found most insulting was the way everyone seemed able to pilot Airwolf. Only certain people could fly Airwolf. In seasons 1-3, other people besides String and Dom did fly Airwolf but with great difficulty. Suddenly everyone can fly Airwolf. This episode really ruined the spirit of the original. I didn't like the story at all.

02 Dec 2002, Jubei 33, Rating 1:
Oh. My. God. I only saw this first episode of season 4 today as I saw that it "explained" the change in crew. I had avoided the rest of season 4 after seeing some of another episode. Poor. It was obvious this season was made with less money than the other three, the quality of the show seems to go back in time not forward, Airwolf's cockpit looks crap, EVERYONE seems able to just jump in and fly with the skill of String now, arrrgh too much to mention.

03 Dec 2002, DR EVIL174260538 29, Rating 1:
Instead of making the abysmal 4th season, I think that it would have been more appropriate for CBS to have made a TV movie for Airwolf after it's cancellation. It would have been better in many ways, firstly because they probably would have had a good budget and more importantly the whole original cast. Secondly, things could have really been tied up in the space of 2 hours or so.

25 Feb 2003, morot 36, Rating 1:
I never saw it, but I think I'll live without it...

09 Oct 2003, MaceThomas 35, Rating 1:
Yes, as far as Airwolf goes, the 4th season was a throw-away season. This episode/season is a far departure from the original 3 seasons in quaility and storylines. This is probably mentioned elsewhere on the site, but the 4th season came out only to pump up the total number of shows so that Airwolf could be shown in syndication and therefore allow the money to continue to flow for Universal(?).

04 Nov 2003, ghazimirza1982 32, Rating 1:
04 November 2003, Ghazi Mirza

I like the 4th Season of AIRWOLF very much. The pilot episode BLACKJACK is an excellent episode. The new cast of AIRWOLF Barry Van Dyke, Geraint Wyn Davies, Michele Scarabelli and Anthony Sherwood did a great job in this Season. The new background musics used in this episode are great as well as the new theme song of AIRWOLF which is a modified version of the original AIRWOLF theme used in the previous 3 Seasons. The story of BLACKJACK is cleverly written. I like the bravery of Sinjin Hawke alot especially againt Buchard. Hawke was beaten alot in this episode but he never told Buchard about AIRWOLF. He fought superbly with Buchard in the end and I liked it alot. The rescue of Sinjin and the end battle was great too. It was sad to see Stringfellow Hawke in this condition but the scene where he met Sinjin was touching with the help of nice beautiful melody type soft background music. The background music played in the end of the episode where Sinjin brought AIRWOLF to the lair to meet his friends the new AIRWOLF crew was MUSIC TO MY EARS too as Jason told Mike. I think AIRWOLF SEASON 4 is full of action, adventure and alot of humour. This Season is the continuing adventures of the super copter AIRWOLF with
a new crew which deserves to be loved and respected by the fans of AIRWOLF. Please don┤t say horrible things to this Season of AIRWOLF as it is a part of AIRWOLF. The cast and crew have tried their best and have done a great job to continue the legacy of AIRWOLF.

04 Nov 2003, rachel1 39, Rating 2:
Awful...truly awful....suddenly every man and his dog can fly Airwolf, the Lair is discovered easily and what happens to the previous main characters is either unbelievable, unacceptable or just not mentioned. What happened to Caitlin and Hawke┤s nephew who he was adopting?! What happened to Hawke really? Are we supposed to believe he┤s dead (never!). The new cast of characters is just not as interesting and doesn┤t have the same pull that Stringfellow Hawke had. Whilst I can appreciate they needed a new cast, there should have been a better way to transition the shows than this. If they had done a better job here, the 4th season may have been less despised.

13 Jan 2004, cyclnbrd 44, Rating 1:
I know I am restating the opinions previously posted, but I had to comment as well, having finally seen this episode. First of all, I understand the budgetary restraints facing the production crew, but come on!!!!! In five minutes they 1. relocate Archangel 2. Kill Dominic 3. Injure Hawke and 4. Find St. John. That is more plot action/changes than occur in any of the previous three SEASONS! Too many questions as well.
1. How does Santini┤s niece find Airwolf, let alone fly it? No training needed to do this? And St. John, fresh off a 10 year stint in Vietnam, flies it perfectly as well. And the FIRM, who just reacquired the ship, leaves it out of their sight long enough for St. John to walk off with it?
2. Where did the scenery come from (I know they filmed in Canada, but wasn┤t a remote US site available like Idaho?)
3. Where did all that stuff in the lair come from? Don┤t think Hawke and Dom put it there-they couldn┤t fix any computer Airwolf poroblems.
4. Why didn┤t the writers have Hawke find his brother personally with Dom and Archangel- more like the scheme in Echoes from the Past? They could then just GIVE IT BACK and then take the story in any new direction they chose instead of force feeding this to loyal followers of the show?
5. Why even bother if you aren┤t going to put effort (and in this case money) into it?
6. Why no explanation on Caitlin? Or did they dom this in a later episode?

Too many holes, too many questionms, not nearly enough answers.

01 Feb 2004, araujoltda 35, Rating 1:
What I can say about this "new generation"? Cast is very weak, scenes isn┤t good, and the soul of airwolf, the original cast (especially Alex Cord and Ernest Bornine), disappear. So, Airwolf finished in the third season and this season 4 really does not exist as Airwolf

05 Mar 2004, netmasters 58, Rating 1:
They shouldn┤t have bothered. The premise stunk. St. John is buff and rugged after all those years in a prison camp, Airwolf needs a tune-up and suddenly, anyone can fly her! There were holes big enough to drop a sun into. Every time I think of the 4th season I get angry.

03 Aug 2004, methos330 42, Rating 2:
With ┤Blackjack┤, the dismantling of Bellisario┤s Airwolf comes full circle! Sad to see it happen! The only redeemer is another fine performance by guest star Mike Preston, plus a farewell glimpse at a ┤season- one┤-esque Hawke ("Be Patient!"... "I HAVE!"). "And Next Week on Airwolf: The Next Generation..."

07 Sep 2004, fenrisoo1 57, Rating 1:
Since I can┤t give this one the true rating it deserves ( -100 and dropping )...it gets a one. Why? Don┤t get me started.

25 Sep 2004, Black Panther 26, Rating 4:
A good start to the 4th season, but it lacked the original Airwolf atmosphere. the story was perfect, with the new cast and all, but it was very sad to see JMVs last appearence, it would have bin great if he was the one of the original cast in the season, and I didnt like the way it was ended, nothing about what happened to Stringfellow hawke in the end, he just vanished, and when he and sinjin reunites, it was like the episode was in a hurry, it was quick. Well it would have bin good season if they had Airwolf, not using the stock footage of prev. eps. And one stupidity was that every1 was capable of flying airwolf, that niece of Dom, flew Airwolf like she had flown Airwolf Before, and got it out and in the lair like a childs play. it is true that 4th season was funny, coz it became like Knight Rider or something, just crime-fighting gang. and I didnt like the way they changed the FIRM to THE COMPANY, it looked stupid, but eihter way nice episode, would have bin gr8 if it was 2 partered and not in such a hurry.

24 Jul 2005, Oof 36, Rating 3:
Damn... For 15 years I wanted to see this episode. Now I am f.cking 27 and still haven┤t seen it!!! But after reading all the reviews here I came to the conclusion: maybe I should be glad that God spared me this episode. Really, there are only 3 seasons in Airwolf, the 4th is just an amateur serie.

But still I wonder: wouldn┤t it be great if they made a real and good movie, like 20 years later? I mean the actors are still alive (JMV, Ernest Borgine and Alex Cord). Ok, Borgine is maybe too old, but Dom officially died in the series, but Archangel and String could easilly be brought back. Plus, I┤ve seen recent pictures of JMV (his last movie in 2004) he┤s still looking good. Man, an airwolf movie in the years 2005, with modern technology animation, and a good script, it would really kick ass! Or they could create a airwolf PC game, that would be nice too... Bring airwolf back to life!!!!!

29 May 2006, Mike23Ca2002 35, Rating 1:
Unfortunately. I cannot recognize the 4th Season. I know Airwolf was a great TV series. But it should have been left in the hands of Bellsario. And no one else. This new era is actually pointless and it┤s more like a recreational use of the chopper rather than combat. Sorry you all but I think the series stops with the last episode of the 3rd season. I have written a script for a movie that I have submitted to a contact in the big business that completely discounts it. I doubt it would make it. .but why not ? Airwolf was way way far ahead for it┤s time. Even now in 2006. I only like the episodes with orginal cast.

13 Aug 2006, wildfire925ef 51, Rating 1:
how can you shoot a show about a advanced attack helecopter like AirWolf
WITHOUT THE LADY?? even with Dom Dieing how could they make it appear that String was in nowhere land And what about Catland?? So now here comes a formar POW who was in prison for how long?? and he has not flown a chopper for how long?? It was proven over and over again that it takes two fully trained people to fly Airwolf..this season was just plain a ripoff of what JMV,Alex Cord and Earnest Borgnine made Airwolf into
I only saw 2 episodes of season 4 and only saw this one a few months ago. The way they just blew the old cast out in entirety was bad thinking on the producers part. but I still say how do you expect to have a show about AirWolf without AIRWOLF...yes the acting was a bit better, but you would think they Actually have secured The tripple due prior to going intoproduction....
How ever there is still one possabillity ....if JMV can be bought....
Update ┤The Lady┤ bring String out of his ┤Coma┤ and let him,the Santini girl and Sinjin (recast please!!) Use the ┤NEW LADY┤ to rain hell down on those damn terroist !!
it worked for Star Trek why not AirWolf ....
I┤ld Watch That!!!

11 Sep 2006, airwolff 33, Rating 2:
This episode, no, the complete 4th season is a pain in the ass! I saw the 4th season in 1992 for the first time. Already at that time I did not like the way the old cast "disappeared" or the fact that suddenly everyone was able to fly the Lady without any practice. And what about St. John? Hawke┤s missing =>older<= brother who actually looks by far too young. Being a POW for let┤s say more than a decade he looks quite healthy, doesn┤t he? And where the hell has he been all the years? No problem, they new crew has the coordinates and the Lady, so let┤s rock and fly non-stop to the jungle to rescue him...Fortunately the music theme was one of the few things that remained untouched (more or less). In my opinion making that 4th season was a waste of time and money. I rate this episode with "2" because at least J.M. Vincent is showing up shortly and because I like the new edited (ending) theme ;)

01 Dec 2006, Jeever1981 33, Rating 1:
I never watched season 4, I thought it was awfull!
With all the recycled fighting scenes from Airwolf in combat ... nah, this season should never have been made.

*sorry for my poor English*

12 Mar 2008, Excelsior 34, Rating 1:
Blackjack. It┤s Season 4 of Airwolf, it┤s cheap, nasty, and makes no sense. Need I say more?

10 May 2012, AngelColdsmith 43, Rating 1:
I hate it! Why must String die?? I dont understand this.

15 Mar 2014, aircoyote 55, Rating 4:
Though I┤m up in the air about season 4 I Do like Mike Rivers, SinJin is okay not to fond of Jason Locke and I can totally do without Jo the whiny Girly Girl (Loved Caitlin as she so was me in her attitude).

Okay now to my jist of this episode which you have to watch the later episodes to piece things together.

At the end String said he didn┤t want to die in there and Sinjin pretty much said he wouldn┤t. In a later episode someone asked him about his family and he said he had a brother who was very protective of him.
In the start of one of season four episodes narrative, it was mentioned that SinJin was POW/MIA for 2 1/2 years then worked for the company , Then Buchart had him captive in Laos for over a year. SO SinJin didn┤t have over 15 years of hardship .

I┤ll have watch the episodes again to find which one┤s these were mentioned in.

07 Feb 2002, Martin G. Grant 25:
When Jo and String are testing the new device, a shot of the SA Jet Ranger is seen flying over the SA hanger in poor weather conditions (like it has rained), but straight after this, we see the Jet Ranger flying over a sunny desert landscape (stock footage from the 2nd Season episode ''Firestorm'')

07 Feb 2002, Martin G. Grant 25:
When Locke scans the heartbeats of the still explosive soliders, they are spaced out on the scanner, but originally, are lined up.

07 Feb 2002, Martin G. Grant 25:
Mike, Jason and Jo are being chased by a Gazelle chopper, but when it's identified, it comes up as a Huey.

07 Feb 2002, Martin G. Grant 25:
Gazelle choppers don't have the same control red panels as Redwolf do they?

07 Feb 2002, Martin G. Grant 25:
Throughout the finale, shots taken from ''Airwolf II'' are used to make up for the disappearing Gazelle chopper.

08 Mar 2002, R.A.T.B.P. 36:
When Buchart activates the Posion Gas, you will notice that the panel he is using is an actual panel inside Airwolf from the 1st Season.

09 Mar 2002, lothar 38:
Dominic in this episode is clearly not being played by ernest borgnine,any scene with Dominic in was only from the back,which makes this,for me the only really bad episode with jmv and eb in.

31 Jul 2002, Jayson Firestorm 36:
(NOTE FOR ENTIRE SEASON): In case anyone hasn't realised (well, there could be someone!), ALL shots of Airwolf in flight, as well as nearly all the other aircraft seen in this series, is recycled footage from the original three seasons. The company did'nt have a flying Airwolf (only a ground mock-up), and there was absolutely NO new Airwolf arial footage in the entire season. (Which contributes towards many of the continuity error bloopers, when chunks of old footage are stuck togehter!)

13 Aug 2002, wolf 2 29:
During the dogfight the helicopter that airwolf was chasing the same helicopter that Hawke was fling in "birds of paradise" at that end redwolf's tail is showing and the entire back of redwolf

21 Aug 2002, ABCDEFGHIJ 38:
St. John was in the Orginalseries a CAPTAIN. Why is he in the Season 4 a MAJOR? When he promotes to a Major?

02 Dec 2002, andy_j_84 30:
When Locke and Rivers are driving towards Airwolf's hideout they initially are driving down a road lined with trees. As soon as they turn off that road, they are seen driving through the desert. Since when does the surrounding area change within 30 seconds?

05 Dec 2002, DR EVIL174260538 29:

29 Sep 2003, ABCDEFGHIJ 38:
When Airwolf raises in the Air, you see a Motor-Cycle on the left side. This is the startsequence from Season 2-Episode "Firestorm".
This Startsequene would use in Season 4 many more.

13 Jan 2004, cyclnbrd 44:
When Mike goes to engage the turbos, he pulls back on the stick instead of moving it forward. This would cause a quick power climb.

18 Jul 2005, scottie 43:
When Jo lands the Lady in the lair, you can see the old pad. In the next shot the pad has a new set up.

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-Hawke, doctor Winchester has a report he'd like you to fill out.
-I forgot my pen! - Mind of the Machine